Getting Prints

IMP35269_7_8cwAvailable Images

Any picture on this web site can be produced as a print. You can see the available images by checking out the Photographs and War Graves web pages. Any money raised is used entirely for the maintenance of this web site.


Any of our pictures can be provided as a print by simply sending an e-mail quoting the image reference that appears in the image title or properties to bluebordmaily2

The picture is then sent to our Photo Lab for checking and ordering photographic quality prints. In this way your orders for prints are securely handled by the Photo Lab.They will normally despatch prints within 24 hours and will send you a confirmation e-mail.

Digital Images

These are available as JPG image files for personal use. These images are sent by e-mail and can only be paid for by cheque. To order simply send your address, e-mail, image reference (IMG_xxxx, IMH_xxxx, etc) and cheque for 4 (payable to Brian Townsley) to:-

Brian Townsley, 5 Ryton Way, Doncaster DN4 6PS

Why is there a charge?

Because there is no public or private sector funding for this work or the web site’s running costs. Any money raised is used entirely for the maintenance of this web site.

Images for commercial publication are available at normal freelance commercial rates - either directly or via the Alamy photo agency.

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