September 2004 : And restoration of the chapel is underway


Hyde Park Cemetery, also known as Carr Grange Cemetery, was opened in 1856. It was one of the first municipal cemeteries to be created after the passage of the Metropolitan Interment Act in 1853. The cemetery covers around 6.3 hectares and is divided into 16,494 plots. The cemetery has had some 53,600 burials. The provision of new plots ceased when Rose Hill cemetery was opened in 1935 but burials took place in existing family plots in subsequent years. Some World War I and II service casualties are also buried here.IMP35260_58_59w

The cemetery chapel is a Grade II Listed building. The lodge, entrance archway, boundary walls and any monuments erected before 1st July 1948 are subject to the Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas Act.

Being located by a busy roundabout on the way to the M18 and the A1, the cemetery stands at a highly visible point. Its location means that it has to be considered as an important part of the modern town. Any efforts to restore and maintain the site would reflect the respect of the current generations for those who worked to create what we have today.







Some fine monuments remain standing (5-Mar-2009)>


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