February 2008 : And the chapel has been left unfinished for several years

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Over the past few years there has been efforts to improve, or least halt the decline, of the cemetery. Certainly the Chapel has received some much needed repairs to the roof and spire - but work stopped before a full restoration was complete. More>>


Thanks to the work of local family historians there are detailed records available for both the burials and monumental inscriptions in Hyde Park Cemetery. More>>


A small selection of general views and specific memorials is available online here and at the FoHPC web site. Subject to time and funds a full photographic archive of all the surviving memorials would be the ideal outcome. More>>

The cemetery contains the graves of service personnel from World Wars I and II. We are making efforts to record these graves irrespective of any funding for a wider photographic record. More>>


This is how the cemetery is divided into sections - essential information when searching for a particular grave.

This version is based on a sign at the cemetery entrance. Note that this layout has south at the top when using your satnav or smartphone for locating graves. The DDFHS version has minor differences in section names and that the FoHPC version has north at the top.

Detailed maps showing the position of individual plots exist but do not seem to be generally available.


As with so many Victorian cemeteries a large number of graves have damaged headstones - through subsidence, erosion, vandalism and safety precautions. But the situation at Hyde Park does seem to have declined in the past few years.

However one issue noted during a recent visit was the number of the War Graves that had pieces chipped off the edges. They could be the result of being hit by equipment such as lawn mowers? But the height of some of the damage needs a different explanation.

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