Welcome to this mini-site about the Doncaster Hyde Park Cemetery. Our goal was to provide you with useful information about this unique legacy that we have inherited from the generations of people that lived in our region. Generations of ordinary men and women who spent their time and effort not just working for the present but to leave something for future generations.

Hyde Park Cemetery in Doncaster, South Yorkshire has been serving the community since 1856 and contains many fine examples of the workmanship of the Victorian era. Its sad decline during the latter part of the 20th century has hopefully now been halted. There has been efforts to restore the main buildings and entrance arch. While volunteers are helping to improve the cemetery’s appearance and its value in the community.

At this website, you will find a small selection of photographs and entries taken from the monuments and headstones - along with pictures of the cemetery. However time marches on and the information that this website contains has been replaced, to a large extent, by newer online resources.

But still feel free to browse around this site. And if you have comments or questions about this site you can contact us via the Links page.

If you want to make a visit to the actual cemetery its location is -

  • Main entrance - Carr Lane, off White Rose Way, Doncaster DN4 5AA
  • GPS - 5330'54.15"N  107'53.82"W

Update Dec 2018: The pictures taken for this website have now been loaded to an international grave records resource - Find A Grave; part of the Ancestry family history archive. This combined them with many more photographs taken by family researchers and cemetery supporters. You can check the latest status and search for memorials at Hyde Park Cemetery, Doncaster.

Given the large number of gravestone images already loaded on Find A Grave it is now the de facto reference source for Hyde Park Cemetery and the nearest thing we have to a complete online photographic archive.

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