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Currently working on a brief article about this series of publications and the supporting vector image files.


Introduction taken from Artshow 2 Design Contest Book (SW\Q503-2)

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” This famous phrase takes on new meaning in our age of computer generated art and the global village. With CorelDRAW- the world’s leading graphics package - advertising, graphic design, desktop publishing, technical drawing, and fine art pieces are created and shared world-wide.

HORSEMAN-400.THIS BOOK CELEBRATES the new art form of international communications via pictures; a communications vehicle that requires no translation. Contained within are over 900 full-color images from the first and second annual CorelDRAW International Design Contests. The most talented designers and artists from more than twenty-five different countries are represented; their works are guaranteed to inspire you. As a companion to the book, Corel has developed a CD-ROM disk, ArtShow ’91. Through its compact size and astounding storage capacity, the entire collection of over 1200 contest images is captured and arranged by country of origin - all on one disk. The CD-ROM gives viewers from around the world easy and
immediate access to the designs, clearly defining computer art as an international medium that bridges the gap between art and technology.

First held in 1990, the CorelDRAW International Design Contest is an annual event, designed to attract the very best in creative graphics from
the world’s premier computer artists. Hundreds of fabulous prizes are awarded ensuring wide participation. ArtShow on CD-ROM captures all the best entries and is a vehicle for learning as well as entertainment.
Renowned industry writer Rick Altman calls the contest “a wonderful statement - a literal celebration of the evolution of the PC as a tool for artists.”

This evolution began after CorelDRAW was introduced at Fall Comdex, Las Vegas in 1988. Since then, CorelDRAW has experienced unrivalled popularity. It continues to win accolades world-wide as evidenced by the more than 40 first-place international awards it has garnered to date. What makes CorelDRAW everyone’s choice is straightforward. Taking advantage of the immensely popular Windows platform, CorelDRAW is backed by an innovative mixture of broad capabilities: superior type handling, drawing power, special effects, and ease-of-use. To put it simply, users love it!

Attesting to its immense popularity, the 1991 CorelDRAW International Design Contest attracted entries from twenty-five countries,
making it the largest design contest in the world. Over $300,000 in cash and prizes was shared by three top World Winners, a Best of Show Winner from each country and twenty Award of Merit Winners.

The Gala Awards night took on an air of international flavor at this “Academy Awards of Graphics.” Publishing leaders like Bill Machrone,
Editor-in-Chief of PC Magazine; Michael Miller, Editor-in-Chief of InfoWorld; and Sandra Rosenzweig , Editor-in-Chief of Publish Magazine helped comprise a Blue Ribbon panel of over 40 judges who gathered to choose the winners at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa on May 16, 1991. There could be no better setting for the unveiling of this new artform in full view of those who helped create and promote it. Over 600 people in attendance composed an eclectic mix: artists, engineers, photographers, television and print media joumalists - all of whom waited in anticipation for the winners to be announced. In grandiose fashion, the stage was set with two huge screens that simultaneously flashed the winning entries as they were announced.


Sample Image


This is the winning entry from ArtShow Vol 5 with a link to the corresponding CDX file provided on CD with the book.

However if don’t have a copy of CorelDraw viewing this - and all the other images - could be a problem. As a test this particular image has been saved in AI format and WMF format using CorelDraw v11 from 2002. This should enable you to access a usable vector format image - that is close to the original but not perfect. The most likely problems being the text elements and colours.

Accessing the files on some of the other ArtShow CDs is a problem even if you do have CorelDraw installed - since v11, for example, simply refuses to load any CDR files it considers too old with the message Attempting to open Version 1.x or Version 2.x file. This file format is not supported. There is a CDRCONV.EXE file included with the standard installation - so it may be that Windows is stopping this running. Hardly surprising given that CorelDraw v11 is now 18 years old.

This is my attempt to summarise the status of the vector images on the Artshow CDs checked using CorelDraw v11 under Windows 10 -

  • ArtShow2 1991 - format: .CDR - readable? NO; but Libre Office does make a fair attempt at decoding them.
  • ArtShow3 1992 - format: .CDR - readable? Some
  • ArtShow4 1993 - format: .CD_ - readable? NO; but if uncompressed using, say, 7-zip then YES. Note the uncompress process may leave the file extension blank so just rename to .CDR
  • ArtShow5 1994 - format: .CDX - readable? YES
  • ArtShow6 1995 - format: .CPX - readable? YES
  • ArtShow7 1996 - not available



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