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Canton System

From the Canton System Newsletter, October 1981 -

On-Line Service Business Part Of CAS For Last Eleven Years With Commitment, Character, Consistency

In 1970, CAS entered the on-line service environment by providing services to Citizens Savings Association of Canton, Ohio and Industrial Federal of Alliance, Ohio. In 1974, on-line servicing was totally committed to by adding three additional companies to the service. Over the years the on-line servicing of Citizens Automated Systems has grown to where ten companies have been serviced with over $5 billion in assets, over 700 terminals on-line, and over a million accounts serviced. Data Services has even grown to where they have their own courier service and in-house microfiche processing, all of which is benefiting the customers that find The Canton System service to their liking. Don Hersman, Senior Vice President of Cardinal Federal Savings and Loan of Cleveland, Ohio, a state wide billion and half organization, states "if Canton was not committed to the service business we would not have been able to pull all of our branches and various applications together in the time frame alloted. We needed Canton's expertise to do what we did."

A big part of the success of the on-line servicing offered by Citizens Automated Systems is the people. People who have been with Citizens Automated Systems from day one are:

Larry Machan, now General Manager of Citizens Automated Systems, was Data Processing Manager; Tom Tuersley, now Production Manager, was Lead Systems Manager; Bob Foraker, now Marketing Manager, was Lead Applications Programmer; Diane Frohme, now Consultant - Technical Support, was Programmer; Ellen Clark, now Mini-Computer Programmer, was Programmer; Reuben White, now Data Services Programmer, was Operations Supervisor; Al Gaiani, now Senior Data Services Programmer, was Operator; Bill Maust, now Product Enhancement Programmer, was part-time Operator; Bob Hollis, now Consultant - Technical Support, was Systems Programmer; Mike Wood, now Senior Programmer, was Programmer; Cheryl Siegmund, now Executive Secretary - Data, was Clerk-Typist; Glen Wilson, now Data Service Supervisor, was Operator; Ben Horst, now Marketing Representative, was Branch Coordinator for Citizens Savings; Larry Linn, now Marketing Representative, was Branch Coordinator for Citizens Savings; Keith Noel, now Senior Data Services Programmer, was part-time Operator; Carol Baker, now Data Auditor, was Keypuncher; Ken Frey, now Senior Data Services Programmer, was part-time Programmer; and Rosie O'Neil, now Data Processing Specialist, was Keypunch Operator.

The Canton System on-line service has shown the consistency and the ability to deliver quality service with up-to-date applications. As a result customer benefits abound. The ability to deliver on-line support during the most critical times is when an on-line system proves its worth.

Yes, Citizens Automated Systems is in the business of on-line servicing and will continue to be a leader in quality and service dedicated to the business.

Dick White, Senior Vice President of Washington Federal Savings and Loan of Washington, Pennsylvania, a $200-million company, best sums up the overall picture of on-line service by saying "without The Canton System and the service we received from CAS we could not have more than doubled in size and added several branches with a minimal staff. The Canton System has saved us time and money."

The Canton System 1990; the integrated system with Commitment, Character, and Consistency.


Citizens Automated Systems' International Flavor

The international flavor at Citizens Automated Systems was nicely spiced by the visit of Brian Townsley, from Saturday, October 17 through Friday, October 23, 1981. Brian is the manager of Online Computer Services (OCS) of Adelaide, South Australia.

OCS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Co-operative Building Society, the largest society in the state of South Australia. Co-operative and OCS converted to The Canton System last winter (make that summer in Australia).

The OCS installation is unusual for Canton System users in that they use a FACOM computer and peripherals, and Olivetti teller terminals, (FACOM is the Australian corporation of Japan's Fujitsu). Talk about an international flavor!!!

Brian spent the week gaining some additional insight into the operating aspects of The Canton System/1990 and some new applications the society is ready to implement such as C.I.F., N.O.W. accounts and consumer loans. He also spent a day with Diebold Inc., looking at the TABS ATM system prior to going to Dayton, Boston and Dallas to view other ATM's.

Bon voyage, Brian, and thanks for stopping by.





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