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Part 4 - Prizes to the Victor


Now for something entirely different - no multiple images, RAW or HDR - just Photoshop filters.

To take the image from . .

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In the field

No special requirements just a standard JPEG shot (using the normal sRGB profile) at a sports event. Going for straight reportage image for the TAimages web site; with no plans for special post processing.

Back at the PC

The image sat in the archives for months before I decided to use it has a base for some experiments using the Topaz family of software. There were lots of options to try out but this particular workflow seemed to be worthy of sharing with other Topaz fans.

I don’t know if this really counts as an example of the “Dave Hill” style - but I like to think it does. Either way it is a very simple workflow to try out for your self

The Nuts and Bolts

The shot (above left) was taken on a Canon 1D Mk2N with EF 70-200mm f2.8L lens set at 108mm, using flash at 1/80th, f5.6, 400 ISO. I choose this particular image from a series because the particular combination of flash and natural light seemed to give the most suitable starting point for experimentation.

1. Using Adobe’s Photoshop or Photoshop Elements fire up the Topaz Labs / Topaz Adjust filter dialogue and select the “Psychedelic” preset >>>>

Even though this is now a very “grainy” image that seems too noisy the next step removes this.


2. Switch to the Topaz Labs / Topaz Denoise filter dialogue and apply the “Super_Smooth” preset >>>>

This removes all the “grunge” and takes us one step nearer the goal.


3. Using Photoshop’s Adjust Curves function boost the mid-range to lighten >>>>

Then crop to produce a final image like the one that is shown at the top of the page.


If this result is too extreme then the same workflow but using the “Vibrance” preset in step 1 instead produces a more subtle result. So no complex process, just a simply workflow that provides plenty of scope for variations and improvements. Enjoy.

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