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Analogue Photography

Having said everything is digital - why bother with out-dated film anymore?

Well writing off all of photography’s history and archives would be such a huge loss of past human endeavor as to be a crime against civilisation itself. However small losses are happening every day as personal collections get binned and materials deteriorate.

When I first tackled the task of making some of my film images available in digital format it soon became clear that it was not straight forward. Converting just a few was a slow process and the results were poor. So the problem was put on one side for ages.

But in 2013 the bundles of negatives and boxes of slides were deteriorating in quality and gradually becoming inaccessible - as a dwindling numbers of people had access to film handling kit or knowledge. Something had to be done.

So these are my notes about converting film to digital images based upon my recent experiences.






To break the problems into more manageable chunks these related topics are covered separately -

Scanning - using a film scanner or a flat-bed scanner to capture the digital image - more ...


Duplicating - using a digital camera to photograph the original frame - more ...

Colour Correction - changing negatives into positives and then getting the colours nearer to natural - more ...








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